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Our services are aimed at companies, large or small, who require sales leads, appointments and customer related research on a regular basis. 

Market Research  Our research can help you make decisions about entering new markets and launching new products, as well as providing you with insight into your competitors >>More

Sales Leads and Appointments  We can 'beat the bushes', build contacts and refer new prospects to you, either as a leads or booking appointments in your diary. >>More

Surveys and Research  We can find out what your customers think of your products, services and your competition, giving you the opportunity to keep ahead of the game. >>More

Direct Mail and Follow-up   We can send your direct mail then follow it up to gauge reaction or further promote your events, launches and other marketing initiatives.  >>More 

Database and List Cleansing   If you haven't got data we can provide lists, and if you have databases which are becoming out of date, we can cleanse them.  We can also manage complex prospecting campaigns with our contact and pipeline system >>More







Sales Leads and Appointments top^
We can take pressure off you if your job is to generate new business.  You might be trying to make prospecting calls in between appointments, then having to keep track of who to call back, who you need to send information to or who might be due for that three month follow-up call.  If this sounds like you, whether Managing Director or New Business Manager, b2B Marketing can help you

Why should you use us for sales leads and appointments?

  • We can help you identify and define target customers
  • We can provide you with lists of companies and contacts
  • We have the resource to make lots of  'cold-calls'
  • We can provide you with leads to take forward
  • We can book appointments to suit your diary
  • We can allocate time each month to develop new business for you

We can focus on the sharp end of you sales process while you concentrate on converting leads and appointments into sales.  You have the satisfaction of knowing that we are spending a fixed amount of time, possibly each month: generating new business for you.  

b2B Marketing has the processes, techniques, and experience to contact several thousand prospects on your behalf.  We have experience securing appointments for Senior Salespeople, and Directors with some of the most successful companies in the UK:

  • Imperial Tobacco
  • Cadburys
  • Alcan Packaging
  • MFI UK Ltd
  • Portakabin Ltd
  • Inveresk
  • Environmental Agency
  • Ogilvy Group UK
  • Claire's Accessories
  • Plasplugs Ltd
  • Crown Agents for Overseas Governments
  • Moss Plastic
  • Lillywhites






Surveys and Research  top^

By talking to customers and carrying out research for you, we can provide knowledge about your markets, your competitors and give you valuable customer feedback.  

Some examples of Surveys and Research are shown below:

Surveys to quantify levels of demand for new products or services which provide you with facts on which to make investments decisions.

Customer Perception Surveys to find out what your customers really think of you and suggestions from them on how you can improve your products and services.

Feedback from customers to tell you why you might have lost contracts, together with research to get feedback on your pricing, response times, communication and quality of presentation.  

Researching lost customers, together with mystery shopper surveys can provide insight into how to keep customers for longer and give you warning of changes you may need to make to retain those customers.










Database and List Cleansing  top^

Accurate data is the lifeblood of any new business drive.  We can help target prospects for you, by providing sample databases filtered in different ways to accurately profile the type of customer you are most likely to win new business from.   We can select data and refine searches in many ways including: nature of business, turnover, number of employees, sector and location.

Typical services relating to data are shown below:

Supply databases to kick-start campaigns, which can then worked on by you (if we are providing data only) or us to identify companies interested in your products and services. 

Managing databases with large numbers of contact records and actions can be complex and time consuming.  With our Contact and Pipeline system we can provide you with detailed progress reports.  This shows who we have contacted and also categorises prospects in the pipeline to show how many are moving towards an appointment or lead.

We can clean lists you may have to quickly update records, amending, contact details to bring you databases right up to date. This would include us indicating which companies have registered on the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS).










Market Research  top^
Whether customers, agents, distributors or prospective customers, we can provide you with views and ideas relating to products, services or new ideas.   Perceptions between groups may be different, potentially between you and your customers.   Before starting to develop new products, services or initiatives, it often pays to check with people outside your company.  The gap between views can make the difference between success  and failure.

We can talk to different groups from an independent and impartial perspective often uncovering views your might find difficult to solicit due to your relationship as a supplier.  b2B Marketing can carry out both quantitative and qualitative research, from quality surveys to in-depth research to pinpoint a range of views across a range of parties.

Research into your competitors' customers can help you understand why they buy from them and not you.  By us understanding sometimes subtle differences, we can help you bring about changes to win new and regain lost customers.











Direct Mail and Follow up top^
We can integrate direct mail/email campaigns with follow-up.  Following up information sent can make a marked difference to response, especially increasing attendees at events.  

Working closely with you we can control mailing batch sizes and timing.   We can then agree with you precisely how many days after sending the mailing to follow-up and what the objective of the call is. 

With large direct mail campaigns it is not always possible to follow-up up all communications sent, however by selective follow-up across different groups, we can provide feedback to help you refine your approach.  Where practical we recommend a pilot mailing with us providing feedback to you before the main mailing.